Blem AntiquesSince 1972
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Barrister Ditlev Nielsen
“During my time as a judge in Taarnby court the court staff often referred heirs to Blem due his helpfulness and situational awareness”
The Law Firm Jens Hoffmeyer
“Through my work as a lawyer for the Cancer Society for 15 years, we used often antique dealer Blem since we could always be sure of fast and efficient estate clearance quality.”
Jurafirmaet Jens Hoffmeyer
Barrister Jakob Stilling
“When larger or special estates is to be realized and cleared, we have for many years used Blem Antiques.”
Jakob Stilling
Barrister Christian Mølck
“We have for many years had good experiences with Blems Antiques”
Mølck & Larsen
Real Estate Agent Poul Skytte Høj - EDC
“Antiques dealer John Blem has a rare ability to make house and garden appear optimally - in sale terms - after an estate clearance. After clearing the estate's household effects, he makes sure there is a thorough cleaning of the house, such as vacuuming the walls, cleaning the windows, washing the sills etc. Outside the house, the lawn is cut, the garden is cleared of all waste and trimmed so that it looks its best in harmony with the house and its surroundings.”
Writer Annie Dunch
“When John enters a more or less messy apartment with furniture to be cleared, the first thing that happens is a "cleanup". Before clearing starts, he brings - for a moment - the apartment back, as it was previously. I think that is a good and worthy way to work.”
Funeral Director Peder Nordahl
“When an estate must be cleared tactfully we recommend Blem Antique.”
Body Therapist Lars Johansson
“One of Blem's mottoes is to "do good and bring joy" when you can. He has done this in all of our referrals.”
Kirsten and Carsten Schwartz
“When you as individuals are suddenly faced with an estate, there are many questions that need answering. We contacted Blem Antiques and got a perfect and fair treatment and when the situation a few years later recurred, it was also Blem Antiques we turned to, and the second time our experience was the same.
We can only give Blem our best recommendations.”